Ravinia Brewing Co. of Highland Park is hosting a first of its kind festival focused on infused beer, booze & beverages, the 1st Annual Steep Ravine InfusionFest on Saturday, October 19th. Here’s more info or read below!

The festival takes place in the Ravinia District of Highland Park, IL, on Roger Williams Avenue, between Pleasant and Burton Avenues from 12pm – 10pm. The Steep Ravine Infusion Fest concept offers every adult guest the opportunity to create their own infusion by choosing from a variety of ingredients from the do-it-yourself infusion bar that offers the option of choosing from 9 beers and adding in ingredients such as mint, cilantro, chocolate, berries, vanilla wafers and so much more into a personal french press. The concoction is then refrigerated for 10-15 minutes to then be removed and enjoyed! And, the fun isn’t only for adults.

Kids and teens will be given the opportunity to infuse juices, frozen drinks, sparkling water and sodas with the all of the ingredients mentioned above and more. There will also be a cocktail infusion contest for those 21 and older that live in greater Chicagoland and are in the food/beverage industry.

 The family-friendly event will have a variety of activities for all ages to accompany the delicious food and beverage offerings from local and regional vendors including Ravinia Brewing Company’s famous tacos and Mexican street food. Live Music begins at 12pm with Imperial Boxmen, followed by Bowmanville at 2:30pm, the DFW Band at 5pm and local favorites the Ravinia Ramblers at 7:30pm.