Travel has become one of my favorite ways to spend my free time and I find it’s also one of the best forms of self-discovery. Seeing other parts of the world and introducing yourself to other cultures is one of the most valuable learning experiences. In the last few years I’ve taken many trips, mostly to Europe, but I can’t wait to branch out to other countries (and continents!) and share my travel stories with you. In the meantime, please enjoy these photos from some of my most memorable trips.

Spain and France

Last month I took an amazing trip to Europe with one of my best friends and travel buddy Suleen. I had a wedding to attend in Lyon, France and so we decided to make a vacay out of it! We headed to Barcelona first since it's not far from Lyon. Then in Lyon, I attended...

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In April of 2017 I took a skiing trip to Aspen, Colorado. Mind you, I had only taken one skiing lesson before going there so I had no idea what I was in for. Unfortunately, I found out quickly, I should have started on some of the smaller hills. I crashed into some of...

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In the summer of 2017 I traveled to Greece with one of my best girlfriends! We had an absolute blast. We traveled all over the country for seven days. We started in Athens, then made our way to Syros, Mykonos and Santorini. It's one of the most memorable trips I've...

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In November 2016, I had the opportunity to travel to Reykjavik, Iceland! And what an amazing experience it was! I saw the Blue Lagoon, rode a snow mobile on a glacier, had fun in a heated outdoor pool in the freezing temperatures, enjoyed the quaint downtown area, ate...

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