So how cool is this?! Northwestern University is one of the top 25 universities that will vie for the World Premiere of the new film ‘Life of the Party.’ The schools listed below are going to try and garner the most votes on the official promotion website,, while continuing to submit photos displaying the most spirit, by the promotion deadline: April 5 at 11:59 PM PDT. All submissions must include the school’s designated hash tag as well as #lifeofthepartypremiere, and photos can be posted on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram—once per person/per platform/per day. Each of the 25 schools’ designated hash tags can also be found at, where inspirational prompts are updated daily. Participants will also need to continue following either the official “Life of the Party” Twitter or Instagram accounts (see links below) to remain apprised of Promotion developments. The winning school will be announced on Friday, April 6! So let’s make sure Northwestern wins!

The TOP 25 (in alphabetical order):
1. Arizona State University
2. Auburn University
3. Boston University
4. Florida State University
5. Georgetown University
6. Howard University
7. Michigan State University
8. North Carolina State University
9. Northwestern University
10. Ohio State University
11. Oregon State University
12. Pennsylvania State University
13. San Diego State University
14. Syracuse University
15. Texas A&M University
16. Tulane University
17. University of California, Berkeley
18. University of Colorado Boulder
19. University of Florida
20. University of Georgia
21. University of Louisville
22. University of Michigan
23. University of Minnesota
24. University of Tennessee, Knoxville
25. University of Texas at Austin