I want you to win a prize pack courtesy of SHE-RA AND THE PRINCESS OF POWER. Season 2 is now streaming on Netflix! One winner will be chosen. To enter the basket, simply click HERE!

Here’s more about it SHE-RA:

Firmly at the lead of the Princess Alliance, Adora embarks on a quest of self-discovery to learn more about her past and her future as She-Ra. With Catra rising the ranks of the Horde, the Rebellion must fight to thwart her next attack. In this reimagining of the beloved adventure series, both new viewers and nostalgic core genre fans will appreciate the empowering messaging and overall focus on the power of friendship.

For the honor of Grayskull!!! The all new season of @dreamworksshera is NOW STREAMING on @Netflix! #SheRa



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